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Angkor is an astounding complex of temples, near Siem Reap in North Western Cambodia. Angkor Wat is the best-preserved and the centrepiece, although others are hugely impressive in different ways; the diversity is one of the attractions. Read More »
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Our young guide shows us the Khmer Rouge artillery near Battambang, Cambodia. The hill is where the Khmer Rouge marched up countless people to murder them, before tumbling them down a hole into a cave. He's collecting empty cans to trade in. Read More »
We entered in the North and travelled down the full length of Laos, to the very South, seemingly hitting every pot hole on the country's poor roads. The lack of tarmac aside, it's a fantastic country. Read More »
From Pakse we headed south to the up-and-coming travellers mecca of the 4,000 Islands, situated in the Mekhong River at least 500km from the sea, within the heart of Indochina. The name helps to illustrate the size and magnificence of the Mekhong River that holds this huge collection of tiny, lush green islets. Read More »
Pakse is the major town of South Laos and serves as a good hub to access the Bolaven Plateau and Laos' most significant ancient temple - Wat Phu. It also served as the location where Ben broke his toe. Read More »
Thakhek, a minor but sprawling town nestled next to the Mekhong river in Laos, is popular as a base for a 400km motorcycle tour of the surrounding pretty countryside and attractions. It’s known as the Thakhek Loop. Read More »
The Laos capital of Vientiane has enough attractions, along with the great food and drink, to occupy a few days. A highlight is a visit is the Buddha Park. Read More »
We were slightly worried that Vang Vieng would be nothing more than a party town with 18 year old gap-yearers throwing up in the street. After all, it’s infamous for tubing but we were pleasantly surprised. Read More »
The Plain of Jars is around 90 sites in North Laos with each site containing huge, ancient limestone jars, the origins of which are still unknown. It's an interesting place to visit with other activities nearby even better but the enduring legacy of the "Secret War" looms large. Read More »
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After a two day boat journey down the Mekhong River from Huay Xai, in freezing temperatures and driving rain, with Carly being sick over-board, an encounter with a strange Russian, and Ben reduced to drinking neat Sangsom (Thai rum), we made it to Luang Prabang, Laos. Read More »
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Thailand is a very photogenic place- beautiful beaches in the south, remote hill-tribe villages in the north and bustling cities packed with temples and markets. Here's a few of our pictures from our two months in the country... Read More »
It was our first visit to Thailand and we stayed 2 months. We absolutely loved the country, it’s natural beauty, tasty food, nice people and how set-up it is for westerners to enjoy themselves and get around the sites. From chill out to adventure and culture to hedonism, Thailand has it all. Read More »
We moved on to Chiang Rai, from Pai, to take a step closer to the border with Laos. Chiang Rai is closely-related to the fantastic Chiang Mai, like a little brother, so we had high hopes. Read More »
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A round-up of our favourite funny signs from Thailand Read More »
In Thailand you can get bitten a lot by various insects – mosquitoes mainly, but also ants, bed bugs and other mother-suckers. Carly had a bite on her leg and a few days later the surrounding area was swollen, red and tender. Read More »
We waited for the public bus to Pai, due to leave Sappong at 12.30pm. It never arrived and so we waited in the blistering heat, nibbling on a sweet jam-topped "pizza" and being harassed by the village-drunk. Read More »

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