We moved on to Chiang Rai, from Pai, to take a step closer to the border with Laos. Chiang Rai is closely-related to the fantastic Chiang Mai, like a little brother, so we had high hopes. Read More »
In Thailand you can get bitten a lot by various insects – mosquitoes mainly, but also ants, bed bugs and other mother-suckers. Carly had a bite on her leg and a few days later the surrounding area was swollen, red and tender. Read More »
We waited for the public bus to Pai, due to leave Sappong at 12.30pm. It never arrived and so we waited in the blistering heat, nibbling on a sweet jam-topped "pizza" and being harassed by the village-drunk. Read More »
We instantly fell in love with Cave Lodge as soon as we arrived. We were greeted with an open-plan wooden communal space, decorated with a hammock, cushions galore, a two-person day bed made from rubber tires(!), a table-tennis table, a swing and large fireplace in the centre. Read More »
The ancient city of Chiang Mai is enclosed by a moat and remnants of the city walls and gates, forming a perfect square. This creates a naturally well-defined and focused area inside, approximately a square mile in size, filled with small lanes and pleasingly quiet roads – traffic is efficiently served by ring roads that follow the city walls. Read More »