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January 20, 2011   No Comments

This is the travel route for Ben and Carly’s round the world trip throughout 2011. We set-off in mid-January, with 6 months touring around South East Asia, primarily visiting Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia:

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We then head to Malaysia and Indonesia, including Borneo and Bali before travelling back to Singpore for our flight to Sydney. Once in Australia, we’ll be visiting major cities such as Melbourne, Sydney and Perth, as well as Alice Springs and stunning coastal areas. After 2 months in Oz, we visit New Zealand for a month or so before our final stop in the south Pacific in Fiji:

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We then fly into Los Angeles, and on to San Francisco for a few days before our final stop – New York!

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Stay tuned to as we post photos and videos of the amazing places we’re hoping to see!

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