A day or two after we had finished our round the world travels I checked our budget spreadsheet. After a few minutes of updating it I was able to see that we’d finished our 10 months around the world over budget: by just £50 Read More »
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Pack light and don’t forget the essentials. That's what I intended to do but typically a few extra items got thrown in. I wish they hadn't. Read More »

Check your passport is readyPassport essentials

The following list is a priority to check long before you intend to travel – these can be show-stoppers and need to be treated with top priority!

  • Ensure you have a minimum of 6 months validity on your passport to enter a country, this is an entry requirement for virtually all countries. If going on a round the world trip it’s a must to get a new passport well in ...
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    Essential gear silk sleeping bag linerSilk sleeping bag liner
    A silk sleeping bag liner is a great item to have if you are traveling a lot and will be staying in unknown hotels, hostels or even if you are camping. In extreme cold conditions a silk sleeping bag liner can keep you comfortable: the extra warmth (adding 5-10 degrees) with the added benefit of keeping your sleeping bag clean. In warmer climates where you ...

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    Is getting a visa important?

    Arranging the necessary visa paperwork in advance of your travel as important as buying your tickets, buying travel insurance or planning all the fun you’re going to have! Without a valid visa you may not gain entry to the country or may end up paying extra fees and waste a lot of time with huge hassle to boot. Also, if you plan to stay a long ...

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    What are prepaid credit cards?Prepaid mastercard and visa cards
    A pre-paid credit card operates like any normal credit card – you can use it where-ever you use a normal credit card, however, the amount you can spend is limited by the balance that you load onto the card in advance.

    What’s the difference with normal credit cards?
    These cards a great alternative to standard bank credit cards where there are typically loading fees ...

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