January 30, 2011 | Bangkok, Destinations, Thailand, | 6 Comments
We taxied over at 5am to the coach pick up place, checked in and sat down outside to wait with everyone else, mingling with travellers for first time having been plain-old tourists for a couple of days. Read More »
January 30, 2011 | Bangkok, Destinations, Thailand, | 2 Comments
Bangkok is a massive city, spread far and wide and seemingly every spot of it squeezed full of people, cars, temples, shiny new skyscrapers and ramshackle homes - sometimes these two extremes within metres of each other. Read More »
January 29, 2011 | Bangkok, Destinations, Thailand, | 5 Comments
As we left the smart terminal building we were hit by a fantastic wall of tropical heat, heavy warm air, which truly marked our arrival somewhere a million miles away from the cold of London. Exciting! Read More »